Hey Day 3

I have no idea how long emerging pop trio Hey Day have been in existence, but they nonetheless arrive debuting a pandemically accessible pop tune “Little Bandit” which is seriously on the money, ticking off the boxes; in melody, in harmony, in hooks and riffs, and overall, all the very things I look for in a great pop tune.

Now I’m hazarding a guess that it’s most likely Andrew, Jesse, and Andrew most probably have a history of former pop bands between them, as the polish on an unsigned pop band such as with which they are currently presenting themselves, is just so knowledgeable.

Hey anyone that flips my day around with a spot of daydreaming about Adam Levine, whether intentional or not, (in Hey Day’s case it was the similar pop rock guitar riffs, plus front man Jesse’s brown puppy dog eyes that sent me all the way to a brief Maroon 5 fantasy) has pretty much got me completely won over.

Branded as just a taste of things to come “Little Bandit’s” infectiously mass appealing nature is an instant hands down pop slayer, the type of which you just cannot seem to get enough plays of.

So, it’s more than quite good of Hey Day to put it out as a FREE DOWNLOAD isn’t it!

Yes I realise I haven’t given the word-up on the video, so two guys with guitars, one of which sings, one guy with a keyboard. Three ladies with scarves tied partially over their faces, steal, tease and flintily torment a love conquest. Aww shucks it not so dramatic, a game of love at play whereby they really just steal this particular guys heart. Sweet really.