I do believe this is the first that DJ / Producer Porter Robinson has appeared in one of his own tracks video’s and I’m a little startled that the first glimpse in we receive of the electronic wonderkid, is shown with him swinging a hammer with a look of intent to do some damage with it.

However, Porter is not alone in this desire for rampage, since company comes via a group Harajuku Girls all switched on in a similar mindset and each sporting their own chosen tools at the ready to strike a chord of damage and disruption. To that effect they most certainly do!

Let us not leave out a mention of the accompanying banging soundtrack to all of this Harajuku colourful yet dark intent on the visual.

It is the Swedish outfit Urban Cone who are the source of the vocal heart which presides over the pulsing electronic beats provided by Porter.

All in all it is the vocals that shape “Lionhearted” into alt-pop fresh anthem status, as when stripped of these the underlying melody is contained of a certain familiar buzz about it, and sounds not unlike so many other EDM influenced tracks around at the moment in all honesty.

Moreover, let’s not take away the fact that all remains rather good with this, just not categorized as amazingly good.