Although Keelie Walker hasn’t yet sat her exams, she’s had the total of three songs go TOP 5 in Music Week’s Commercial Pop Chart. A feat, not even Britney at age 15 can claim to hold. Nevertheless, the Nashville lass seems to take achievements like this in her stride. She’s a pretty astute actress as well but clearly talented in multiple strengths. Perhaps her biggest success to date has been supporting Jason Derulo. However, I had a different introduction to the up-and-coming singer, as she popped as a guest vocalist on Manchester production outfit LZ7’s empowering track “Breakthrough” in autumn of last year. The thing is up until the present, almost everything Keelie has released has been as part of a collaborative dance-pop effort. So I feel with brand new single “This Is What It’s Like” we are getting a more authentic introduction to this talented singer.

With all being said, this track is decidedly dance-pop, it would in a way be kind of be damaging to steer this young vocalist away from the genre she has been making progress in. After all, these are the earliest of days in her music career and to be fair her vocal has lovely pop sensibilities which would be prudent to explore further at a later date. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the hot topic at the heart of this song is young love. But again, for most teenagers being struck by cupids arrow for the first time is of the biggest relevance. What we must consider is, right now, the goal is getting more of her music out to an audience who can relate to her. This song with it’s supporting music video does this. Is catchy and memorable and could lead to a prospering career in music. When I look and listen to Keelie she’s giving me vibes like she’s Hailee Steinfeld’s mini-me. With a keen interest in acting also maybe we’ll get to see Keelie clutching golden statuette awards in like five years time, or a few more down the line.

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