Well now, Zayn Malik has given us something to look at in this video to “Like I Would” hasn’t he!

Although, I’ll be the first to admit that, I’m no uber 1D or ZAYN fan, I cannot dismiss the fact that the former boy band member has actually brokered a tune that I rather like and approve of.

A very smooth number infact, which rocks on tight with the dancefloor firmly in sight.

The fact of the matter is, if ZAYN had given me a album with a few more tracks of this stature I would have probably been fawning all over it. That is, after I’d put that album cover to one side, because try as I might I just cannot embrace that choice of album cover!

The video treatment to “Like I Would” on the other hand is epically TRON like spectacular, and a budget well spent.

Totally if this track had led the “Mind Of Mine” campaign instead of “PILLOWTALK” chances are I would have taken ZAYN far more serious as a solo artist than I have considered to do so, thus far.

We maybe a few tracks down the line, but this is the ZAYN that I’d go buy, then turn up loud and annoy my neighbours with.

To coin a phrase “Like I Would” is jam hot with the beats and pon de, sultry served vox.

Don’t be quick to brand me a fan just yet, but ultimately it is fact, that this here track, has made light work of finally surrendering my charms to REALLY liking something of ZAYN’s. DAMMIT!