kitten 2

Photo: Caitlin Christy

We need to revisit this release by electro pop rockers Kitten as brought to the EQ readers attention late this summer by our own glam pop cultured wordsmith Barnaby.

Now seeing as Barns and myself share a mutual appreciation of all things Kitten and he’s presently tootled off to the other side of the pond for a bit and likewise when “Like A Stranger” first showed-up online I was pretty much holidayed up myself, we can’t stall on sharing the video goodness that has now been subsequently released in accompaniment.

The video, coming in a few months on from the release of the “Like A Stranger” EP which in itself holds up as a blisteringly jagged collection of angst ridden and glam styled new wave, but basically moreover, as the band themselves have been rallied up in tour menage mode with Paramore, No Doubt and Charli XCX.

Front woman Chloe Chaidez struts, pouts and purrs her pop star worth through a Madonna “Vogue” and Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” inspired film clip. No doubt about it, Chloe owns it and the dynamic might of “Like A Stranger” rejuvenates the new wave genre reinvested with a glam-pop glaze that keeps this shining on with relevance months after the official release.