She can do as she darn well pleaszy since she is the Queen Of Hearts, and just because she can, the Queen of independent electronic pop has dropped her debut album on us, without any prior warning. How Beyonce of her and all that.

The arrival of “Cocoon” the debut album brings with it a collection of 14 tracks both favourites and new. Journeying right back to the sonically bathed “Freestyle” beginnings, the headily seductive “Neon”, whilst also featuring amongst others, the synthtastically The Sound Of Arrows produced “Shoot The Bullet“.

To her amassed fans the aforementioned tracks are already well loved, but are equally of measure to charm newcomers alike. Within this sonically pleasing long playing offering new gems of EDM directed electronica are simply lying in wait to be discovered and work their aural pleasure upon you out there, the listeners!

Heading up this surprise release comes the issuing of new track “Like A Drug”, an upbeat and brightly structured venturing into the dance-pop arena for the Queen Of Hearts.

Fitted out with a trippy FX induced video representative to the overwhelming feeling of being drugged up on love. We leave you now to enjoy the video for yourselves with final these parting words from us:- we are a little crazy in love with everything the Queen Of Hearts has put before us.