It’s been awhile since we last heard from Queen Of Hearts, but something tells me that her radio silence doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working very hard in the background. Just recently the electronic pop starlet was in Madrid to perform for Yahoo’s On The Road series in which she spotlighted a brand new track called “Like A Drug” to a very enthusiastic crowd.

“Like A Drug” is very promising for a new single and is somewhat inspired by the recent EDM movement. Queen Of Hearts is notoriously known for her mysterious stage persona which is very different from her bubbly real secret identity – Liz Morphew. It’s nice to see Liz become more prevalent in her Queen Of Hearts performances. Take away the elaborate costumes (which must have been costing her a fortune), the smoke and mirrors and Queen Of Hearts v2.0 is all very relaxed, authentic and simple. With her long-time manager and best friend, Mark, providing moral support on the digital decks, this new version of Queen Of Hearts is something that I’m very pleased with.

No release date that I know of yet for “Like A Drug”, but it’s one that I will be downloading for sure.