Daniel Sobrino 2

A test between a good and a brilliant voice, can for the most part be assessed at its greatest when lain exposed within an acoustic or piano ballad, its not music science by any stretch of the imagination, it’s the total truth of the matter.

Emerging pop artist Daniel Sobrino is undoubtedly holding of an all encompassed gift of talent though, as the young artist shows as much accomplishment as a musician as he does that of a songwriter and illuminatively honest singer.

Whilst preceding releases “Power Of Us” and “Box” both more than adequately displayed the magnitude of stature with which Daniel is achieving, it is “Lights” which is plucked from the emotively powerful driven “Born Again” EP that now pegs up Daniel Sobrino’s level of brilliance.

Conveying his experiences of being on stage via the spaced out ambience of “Lights”, Daniel’s candid lyrical narrative feeds upon the vision of time standing still, whilst the world continues spinning. In some ways this is hedonistically romantic, but it is so guided with real passion behind it.

You can’t help but hang on every emotively delivered word of it Daniel sings, he literally has you there in that moment of experience with him and only heightened further by the dazzling and soft light effects in the accompanying video.