The best way to make some headway in the EDM genre is to be distinctive, be it in style, image or vocal performance. It is not enough to just plonk some beats together and arrive with a catchy melody if you crave more than one hit wonder success. It is artists like Magnus Murphy who bring a little more to the dance-pop equation than the average beatmaker.

Magnus is a Brisbane-based anthemic pop songwriter and producer who has just released his debut single which was self-written and produced in collaboration with producer Shaun Pryor. The song is called “Lightning” and is replete with a powerful lyrical concept and artistic vision. There are a lot of points that make this song so good in my opinion. Starting at the intro which begins with a riff from the strings of an acoustic guitar. It is an intro that perks up the ears and gets you thinking, where is this song going to, all in the matter of a few simple notes. I wasn’t expecting this but, when Magnus begins to sing his vocal is as amazing as an Aussie Jodie Gadsden of British band Autoheart would sound.

Plumes of dry ice, a lone female dancer and Magnus tucked into a nifty suit make for a pleasant eyeful of stylish visual content. When most dance-pop tracks make me moan out loud that I’ve heard it all before “Lightning“, got me excited and invested in it from beginning to end.

Connect with Magnus Murphy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magnusmurphy
Twitter: @magnusmurphy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magnusmurphy/