You may have noticed I’ve been trying to keep our coverage of pop-styled EDM anthems at a minimum this year. This isn’t because I don’t love a tune which I can have a bop to. On the contrary, bopping is my favourite way to exercise. The truth is, I like an anthem best when it not only has a great melody, but also the lyrics cover subjects other than having fun or about love. Don’t let it be said, that I can’t recognise a bona fide club banger when it hits me in the chops though. Especially one which might make me throw all I have said above to one side. In Friday’s colossal, mailbag was the track “Light Up” from German DJ and producer Maxim Schunk. It was an instant hit with me the moment I heard it, so I’m taking a punt, EQ readers would be interested in it as well.

I haven’t heard about Schunk before, so when I read that his tracks have had support from EDM-heavyweights Don Diablo, Tiesto,Fedde Le Grand, and the late Avicii. It made me think I should really check the latest release out. I am so glad I did, the track has a pop sensibility running through it which I wasn’t expecting so much. It also has an unforgettable head-turning riff which implanted itself into my brain with an almighty boom and quickly brought to mind a style similar to Madeon.

“The song is about freedom and breaking out from old patterns. It’s a feel-good song that should encourage you to let go and simply enjoy life,” explains Schunk. The Daniel Sluga directed music video reflects this narrative. It captures the vibrancy and colourful energy of nightlife in Bankok. It’s a deftly-crafted song that tugs at you then whirls into melodic pop euphoria. When all said and done “Light Up” alerted me to Maxim Schunk, now I know I need to keep an eye out for future releases from him.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maximschunk/