Divine Knights

Photo: Andres Jimenez

When the keys strike up on a new Divine Knights number you can be guaranteed that there’ll be much more substance added to their synth driven infused melodies. Since the Australian duo go about incorporating a true purpose to believe in within their considered narratives, tackling hard line topics using the medium of music to step up awareness.

As far as Divine Knights are concerned their music is a vehicle of accessible statement pop and they will hit out the truth in all matters, there is certainly no forgiving in their latest release, infact the title is completely decisive of this in the coldest light of plain speaking …….. “LIES”!

The voice which Divine Knights lends to this protest track relates to the particular concerns ongoing stemmed from the current Australian government’s policies with regard to denial of marriage equality and its treatment of other humanitarian issues in regard to refugees. While the underlying message connects in expressing of “feeling like stranger’s in someone else’s land”.

There is a notable hit of harder edge electronics in the vein of The Presets which act in weighted reinforcement to the importance of the narrative. Whilst the visual element on this increases the overall impact in its depiction of making a stand in the seeking of resolution of equal rights for all.