Stewart Taylor

It is true to say we receive our fair share of equality anthems regularly arriving at EQ HQ, coming in all styles and ranges, from power ballads through to enormous pop songs and all that goes in between, but what unifies almost all of these universally outreaching tracks is the rubber-stamped theme of empowerment which for the most part, runs within the scope of the lyrical narratives.

Out gay pop artist Stewart Taylor of Boston, is no exception to keeping within the golden rule book of the equality anthem formula and is also openly committed to investing both his knowledge of pop song making and acting as an assisting voice within the highlighting of the LGBT community.

Drawing upon first-hand experience’s which mapped a painful childhood subjected of bullying, Stewart’s stronger resolve now reigns out the negative forces through song and positive energy to bring a defiant message of hope and motivation to others in remaining true to yourself and filtering out judgemental sources.

Aptly titled “Liberation”, from Stewart’s self-titled debut EP effort, the singer/songwriter candidly reveals a visual of provocative artistry and emotion working in symmetry motion. And to top it all off to the height of maximum voltage this song of hope to others and of heart, is packed full of a commandingly driving electro-pop melody that’s really bop worthy.

Seek “Liberation” through Itunes or for FREE via soundcloud.