I believe for many people (ourselves included), the possibility of never hearing any new music from Darren Hayes again was unthinkable. Little did we realise when Darren relocated to the USA 10 years ago, (following the release of his fifth solo album, “Secret Codes and Battleships,”) he had no plans to make new music either. As it turned out, this was the last thing on his mind. However, there were glimmers of hope recently. Darren might at least be willing to come back into the recording studio. The hints came in guest appearances on the Cub Sport track “I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life” and a feature on “Cold To Me” by Louis La Roche.

Last night Darren Hayes released “Let’s Try Being In Love,” his new single. His first solo effort in a decade. A track he talked about at length in an Instagram Live chat with fans. (Both before and after the music video for the track was aired on YouTube.) Speaking to the Insta viewers, Darren promised lots of music to come. Stating, all the music we will soon hear from him has been arranged, produced, composed, and performed by him, alone.

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Regarding the new track, Hayes commented, inspiration came from the film “Call Me By Your Name“, and many other queer icons. The song is an ode to self-love. It features the singer-songwriters most poignant and authentic lyricism yet. The theme carries over into the Andrew Putschoegl directed video. Where we see the truest to himself, portrayal of Darren Hayes we have ever seen.

The video navigates scenes from where he is married to a woman while then realising he is interested in being with a man. It is an emotional and powerful watch. This depiction is beautifully honest and sincere. (More specifically, the video mirrors the true-to-life journey of Darren Hayes). The clip co-stars Madeleine Coghlan and Scott Evans (brother of Hollywood star Chris Evans).

Darren Hayes went away for ten years from music because he needed to. He is back now, making huge strides for queer representation with a glorious track and a powerful video, in tow. I am hopeful the new music he promises will also be the best of his career and am excitedly anticipating what is to come.

One last point to come out of the Instagram live chat, Darren advised viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Suggesting the arrival of exclusive content and surprises might be imminent.

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