Jerry Williams is the kind of emerging artist who is confident in doing her own thing. A notable rising talent not only as an endearing songstress but as a songwriter and lyricist too. She has a true natural gifted ability to be able to relate and capture the journey a youth entering adulthood faces in a very sweet natured way, into the emotive fabric of her songs. Infact, Jerry is quite a darling at it! At least we found her to be quite so, when we met with and interviewed her recently.

We can’t hide the fact that Jerry has us fallen charmed into her wistfully dreamy world of heartfelt indie pop, even more so with the arrival of the “Let’s Just Forget It” debut EP.

An EP which houses an instilling collection of articulate lyrics brought to life through nostalgically vintage vocal deployment over a setting of jauntily stained, endearing melodies. You totally need to spend some time with Jerry Williams music, tracks such as “Mother” exude an exquisite playfulness whilst being ever so adorably warts and all. The way Jerry utilizes her unfaltering vocals in such an uncomplicated manner are truly transcending in deliciousness. She’s also taken on The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry”, in a simply stunning re-interpretation of the song.

Title track “Let’s Just Forget It” gets the wandering on a beach video treatment which completely befits the poignancy of the narrative running through it. Oh my, my Jerry sure knows how to make a heart melt into a puddle of squishy West Witterings sand.

Somebody best come up with some new words meaning adorable pretty soonish, otherwise we are going to run out of fitting terms to use.

Photo: Gareth Gattrell