The emergence of Micah McLaurin as a rising figure in the pop music arena is truly remarkable. Having rose to recognition as a notable virtuoso pianist in the first instance. His recent musical endeavours further showcase a striking transformation. With the release of his latest tracks, “Moons,” a captivating disco-pop anthem. Together with “Don’t Give Up On Love,” the shimmering sophomore release. McLaurin has demonstrated a significant evolution in his musical style. Furthermore, the anticipation surrounding his upcoming release, “Let’s Go To France,” suggests an exciting new direction for his music, characterized by an abundance of glamour and sparkle. This transition in his musical journey is truly compelling to witness.

Micah’s passion for fashion has been evident in his previous music videos. Yet now as he delves further into the realm of planet pop, he is not only pushing the boundaries of his music styling but also embracing the elevation of his creative image. What better place to achieve all this, than in Paris? The city, that is renowned for its art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. What was once just a fantasy for Micah has now transformed into the adventure of a lifetime. Equally in the form of song, real-life adventure and music visualizer. 

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The song draws inspiration from the idea of transforming one’s wildest dreams into tangible experiences. In this instance, escaping to Paris for an adventure, leaving behind all responsibilities. Micah’s unwavering commitment to this concept is evident as he boldly embraced the opportunity to shoot the visualizer where else, but exclusively in the enchanting city of Paris.

Let’s Go To France,” is an exciting release that coincides with a captivating couture visualizer captured during the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. This visual production was brought to life under the direction of Artem Denisov. With the creative direction element achieved by Nicola Formichetti, renowned for her work with Lady Gaga. The clip provides an intimate look at Micah’s notable appearances in the front rows of esteemed fashion shows, including those of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, and other influential designers, which garnered significant media attention and acclaim.

The captivating music visualizer for the single showcases Micah’s bold reclamation of his creative power, using stunning and dynamic imagery to deliver a powerful message. It emphasizes his unwavering commitment to authenticity and staying true to himself, regardless of any challenges he may face.

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