La Roux 4

Since the return a week ago, the murkiness remains of whether La Roux is now a solo venture or a bone fide collective effort. Although, it has come to light that Ben Langmaid is no longer part of the picture and that Ian Sherwin is the name linked alongside the upcoming sophomore album “Trouble In Paradise” as co-producer.

Serving upon the buzz track “Let Me Down Gently” that was released last week, an accompanying video clip suited to the brooding nature of the track has now appeared.

Concentrated on panned shots of Elly Jackson seated in an otherwise empty room, escape comes via a rooflight during the tracks breakdown which then relocates to an outside environment somewhere in the misty countryside where we see Jackson running across dewy fields, with her spectacular auburn fringe flailing about in the breeze, ending with Jackson walking towards a setting sun.

Can safely conclude from that little lot that this visual is perhaps is centered on putting a few things to bed and with the subsequent arrival of a new dawn imminent see that this train of thought most likely correlates with the re-birth of La Roux.

Let Me Down Gently” is available instantly when placing a pre-order for the album “Trouble In Paradise