When the ladies of Stooshe burst upon a few years ago, they did so with some outright bodaciously, bounding pop presence which set them apart from the myriad of cookie cutter fashioned girl bands of the time.

Stooshe’s raw energy and retrospective in nostalgia steeped tracks brought something totally new to the table and they were by far ahead of the trend. Well in advance of the likes of Meghan Trainor getting sassy with the old skool vibes.

Quite as anything which goes around, comes around in vogue and is quick as a flash back out of fashion again, even Meghan has moved along from this chapter now.

After servicing debut album “London With The Lights On”, Stooshe themselves went on hiatus as the whole girl band world around them began to crumble. Headed up by the prominent disbanding of pop elite’s top flight all girl group, Girls Aloud.

As much as MKS have hinted at a comeback’s, Stooshe have been tipping the wink at a return to the pop arena also, even going so far to unveil a new image and sound re-style by way of taster single “Lock Down” a short while ago .

Lying somewhere between the new and the old, “Lock Down” gave a good reminder to just who Stooshe were.

Courtney, Karis and Alexandra are taking on a re-launch with a firmer, modern soulful approach. The ladies step back out into planet pop which has undergone considerable change from when they jumped off the ride for a bit. It isn’t so heavily, girl band dominant as it once was and as consequence they don’t have to bow to gimmicks to see them above the sea of bobbing girl group heads to make themselves noticed anymore.

As underneath, Stooshe’s sassy playful exterior there has always been a core of pop/R’n’B vocal brilliance.

This said, the arrival of bouncy new single “Let It Go”, shows the ladies exuding more confidence than ever before.

Spurred on with a wholly infectious drum and bass assisted melody, the newly revived Stooshe literally allow their harmonized voices sing from the rooftops with triumphant abandon.

If Stooshe set out to create some merrymaking vibes with this song, I think we can safely say they’ve come rallying through the weight of tropical bangers, to see themselves tipped forward as Summer of 2016, party starters.