Foxes 1

Just recently we became aware that Foxes has been given a sleek sound makeover in earnest of the release of debut album “Glorious”, coming to light via a promotional buzz track release from the album, of the upbeat dance anthem “Holding Onto Heaven”.

Arriving in precursor to the album, “Let Go For Tonight” revels in epically orchestral pop splendour, that knocks on the doors of both Marina and Florence’s majestic alt-pop delivery capabilities.

However, I’m not so certain as to how effective “Let Go For Tonight” will be in shaking the charts as it isn’t so instant of a radio friendly nature. No matter some of us (myself inclusive) are here just for the enjoyment of music regardless of its stature of popularity. “Let Go For Tonight” is every way an enjoyable listen.

The full splash of colour surrounding this performance comes through the video.

Unleash the paint! ….. and let’s put it this way it’s the mark of real pop starry worth to be flinging paint around in your videos now isn’t it! I think this is maybe just warming up Foxes for something that’s heading into a much bigger development, at least I do hope so.