Photo: Emilie Bailey Photography

I’m rather taken with this cutesy lo-fi pop morsel from Parisian trio We Were Evergreen, it provides something that is invitingly charming. pleasantly vintage and randomly kitsch to watch and the same time one that instantly erasers the worn-out sensation of the daily slog by giving off an intuitive cuddle of comforting coziness with it’s playful kittenish pop strokes.

Easy listening for the masses, “Leeway” is one of those sensory grabbers that will embed its skittish hookline of off-centre merry pop making into your head before your know it and have you hum, hum, humming, da, da, daaaaaing and chirpily whistling it without second thought.

A dainty earworm that could fittingly find itself snapped up by some TV ad campaign if landed itself on the desk of the right media savvy boffin.