Gorgeous close ups of an attractive male, an inspiring message of perseverance and an accompanying song with a strong dance/pop vibe, what’s not to love about Oscar Loya‘s music video for “Learn Something New“? Released back in December 2012, the visual embodies the track’s overall theme of never giving up while focusing on the artist doing all the work.

Filmed completely in black and white, “Learn Something New” takes place in various locations including an outdoor track, the inside of a boxing training facility and a skateboarding rink. If the sporting aspect bores you, the numerous shirtless hunks shown throughout will certainly keep your attention. The video highlights the male body, but does so in a classy, respectable manner.

Loya has a noticeably strong presence in front of the camera, the actual song is a catchy pop creation, and the sex appeal oozing from every scene does not hurt either. The artist is a California native, active in the Broadway theater scene and currently working on his U.S. takeover with the help of Citrusonic Records, home to Carmen Electra and Jessica Sutta.