From what I have seen of it posted on his socials, Harry Styles is having the time of his life while resuming touring. Love on Tour 2022 is going phenomenally well, as expected. After an impressive fifteen weeks run on the Official UK Charts thus far (with 10 of these weeks perched at the #1 spot). It was only a matter of time before “As It Was” (the first single lifted off the singer’s third album “Harry’s House“) slipped from the top spot. However, we knew Harry would be back around soon with another offering from his recent chart-topping album. Earlier this week, he released a trailer announcing that the focus would shift to the song “Late Night Talking“. Not only this, a video was incoming.

As I recall, there was even a bigger hint that the next track from “Harry’s House” would be “Late Night Talking.” Harry’s appearance on CBeebies Bedtime Stories recently, where he read the Jess Hinchman story “In Every House On Every Street,” leads me to think this way. In fact, in the TV show, he also wears the same Gucci PJs as seen in the “Late Night Talking” video.

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The clip released for “Late Night Talking” shows Harry in a whimsical light. Notably, with Harry dressed up in his Pyjamas. The action centres around the bedroom, but namely beds per se. If you were hoping, in this clip, you won’t find any sexy shenanigans from the singer/actor. (It seems as though these were saved for his role in the much talked about, the soon-to-be-released film “Don’t Worry Darling.”)

If you are content watching Harry crawl under the duvet like he’s taking part in an obstacle race or ride through the streets of London while tucked up inside a giant-sized bed. Your luck is in if you give the “Late Night Talking” video a watch.

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