Respected French electronic producer Yuksek has a new venture, he has recently launched his own record label Partyfine and its first offering is one not to miss out on, as its a sparkling collaborative effort with none other than the Danish pop treasure Oh Land.

As you might recall this isn’t the first time that Yuksek and Oh Land have joined forces, the electronic powerhouse having previously remixed the songstresses acclaimed shimmery pop tune “Sun Of A Gun”.

It is the wealth of the French mens past production efforts with an array of emerging talent that now spawns the ideology behind Partyfine, to jointly create and produce material with some of these artists that he has formerly put his remix spin on.

Launching with Oh Land, “Last Of Our Kinds” proves to be cosmically immense pop anthem, of the type of one that could suitably attach itself with ease to an epic box office film soundtrack, being that the track alone has got all the spectacle and dramatic allure of a summer blockbuster.

Put your time travellers bow tie or scarf on for the video experience, as a cosmically nebula vortex with all the who power of the Tardis is going to pull you up past the clouds and into the starry heavens.

Before you pop adventurers beam yourselves up to space leaving this earthly pop planet behind you, you should also check out the FREE funkalicious and dee-groovy disco turn that Michael Garcon of French rock band AS Dragon has donked on this, as in the tone of “Only Fools And HorsesRodney Trotter it’s blooming COS-MIC!