Jessi Malay 1

Dance pop artist Jessi Malay Bougied her way to our attention last summer with her bombastically infectious club floor filler.

Taken hold by the dynamic blitz of hammering club rhythms, girlfriend Jessi isn’t shaking off the party vibes anytime soon it appears, as she hot steps up with new track “Last Night On Earth” in celebration of New Years.

Why just party at New Years and why just wait to get to the club before digging out the moves? Why not stir up a flash-mob commotion on the tube ride first is Jessi’s motto! Safe to say Jessi knows how to spin those paaaarty moves alright as she shimmies her way around the standing pole supports of the train carriages on her way to her destination of party central. We didn’t get these type of shenanigans from Kim Wilde did we when she memorably sprung an impromptu sing song on the London tube the Christmas before last did we!

Fuelled with a spicy carnival sound “Last Night On Earth” delivers club hotness through a choice of Latin American rhythms that could pretty much sit on the same shelf as a Gloria Estefan sound experience.

Just because we’re now the other side of New Years doesn’t mean that we need to call a halt to the partying especially as Jessi is gifting “Last Night On Earth” as a FREE DOWNLOAD.