London based pop artiste Valentina makes an imposing impression with the majestically sumptuous track “Ladders”.

Brought to prominence by her collaboration of a year ago with Hotchip’s Joe Goddard  on the slinky dance track “Gabriel”, Valentina now unleashes her own collection of haunting and esoterically engaging tunes via the “Wolves EP”.

Here demonstrated through the misty and mystically opaque sheltered “Ladders”, Valentina’s vocal qualities have soul stirring capabilities, criss crossed in a Jessie Ware  /  Alex Winston amalgamation.

With a chorus of sublime organic enlightenment guided by soft synths and an embellished guitar twang, “Ladders” folds in seductively sophisticated ripples of eerie nostalgia, that if today you imagine you were to set foot into the Twin PeaksRoadhouse” 20 years on you might well expect something like “Ladders” to be rockin back the hearts of the bikers watering hole .