I’ve been wanting an album from ALMA for a long time, with hindsight I am now pleased that ALMA wasn’t ready to unleash one, one or two years ago. She is an incendiary performer once she hits the stage, of that there is no doubt. As a vocalist, she has verve and energy. When she was first coming to notice, three, four years ago, she was being steered into collaborating with DJ’s. The brakes were put on, the dance-pop arena was not her calling. A period of experimentation ensued, out of it came, the “Heavy Rules Mixtape.” Whereon, ALMA’s artistry continued to develop. On Friday she delivered her twelve-track, debut album “Have U Seen Her?” A release where I feel that the Findlander is truly giving us a snapshot into her life. This is the real authentic ALMA, sharing her voice on a personal and relatable level.

On the release day, ALMA issued this statement about the album.

Have U Seen Her?¨ is about – finding your place and your people in the world, feeling valued. It’s for everyone who felt unimportant or couldn’t find their voice. You matter.

These are sentiments well said. Which are absolutely followed, through. I always knew there was more to her than just being labelled the pop singer with highlighter coloured hair. “Have U Seen Her?” takes us way past the emboldened facade. What makes ALMA feel a touch vulnerable, sad, happy or fired-up is shared here. If you’re in any way curious about her, then you really should just listen to the album. Since it is obvious this is the reasoning why she stood her ground, in the first instance.

ALMA says; “LA Money” is the core of this album. It’s a story about my life at the time. I felt like I was somewhere I didn’t want to be, making music I didn’t want to make, everyone had me wrong. Writing “LA Money” was like a release, after it, everything started to flow out and make sense. I knew I had to move on, make music that made me happy and live my life how I wanted to.”

There are no skeletons left rattling in the cupboard. As they’ve all been brought to the surface in the album. The video for “LA Money” has a fair share of them, save for aesthetical purposes only, and to drive the message home. I could absolutely tell, how special this track was to ALMA. Her vocal, so tight and on point, “LA Money” squeezed the best out of her, for sure.

Connect with ALMA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CYBERALMA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/CYBERALMA/

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