In 2018, we were introduced to the young pop newcomer Nonô. She made quite an impression on me with confident singles “Nothing To Me” and “Bite.” Originally from Brazil, now residing in London Nonô continues to push forward with her music fusion style of rhythmic Latin influence meets with London hip-pop sounds. She’s a new offering out, “LA LA LA (2 Dollar)” a vibrant and sassy track, exhibiting plenty of flair and swagger. It’s the kind of track that will soon have your body itching to move to the perpetual infectious groove. A hit play, begin instantaneously vibing along, type of track.

It’s fair to say a lot of us have dreams of taking a holiday abroad. With it still unclear when we can safely travel to our favourite holidaying hot-spots. We can instead look to other ways of getting our cultural fix of the sights, tastes and sounds when travelling overseas. Nonô serves the hotness with “LA LA LA (2 Dollar).” She is giving us sultry Latin beats with a shot of Brazillian pep, in her vocals. It feels like she transports us to Rio de Janeiro. To the stunning sun seeker surroundings of the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

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Nonô explains what the song is about…

“Because I moved from Brazil to England, I ended up becoming quite distant to a few old friends of mine. This song is basically about an awkward interaction of seeing/catching up with people you used to be close with and now are basically strangers. It’s about when you don’t have much in common with the old friend anymore and you’re left with small talk and/or pretending that you didn’t see the person when you walk past them in the streets.”

I hear you Nonô. Except with me, it is Facebook and High School acquaintances. I find that small talk and not being good at conversation-starting, wears me out. Like this Nonô track indicates. My brain switches off when pushed into this situation and all that springs to mind are catchy phrasings like la la la. The cold hard truth is I totally, get what she’s speaking about with this song. Her catchiest, most infectious, yet.

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