I’ve been so excited to tell you about the new single from Myylo called “Kissing on Your Dad.” After being sworn to secrecy about the release, I’m really, glad it’s now out and I can speak freely about it. Every time I cover the singer-songwriter with a post on EQ, I make a conscious effort to speak, mostly about the song lyrics. At times Myylo’s observations, touch on topical discussions about life. More often than not, he’s being a comic genius with his, songwriting and giving us much to smile about. I was in bits, within seconds of listening to the new track.

I’m kinda sad the release didn’t happen as had been originally planned to coincide with Fathers Day. Due to the irony and humour found in the lyrics, it would have been absolute jokes not to unleash it. Unfortunately, the world went dark, and it didn’t feel appropriate timing for the cheery song about developing a crush on your friend’s father, to be let loose upon the world.

It feels a very long time since music releases have dared to be playful and fun. Forget, side-splitting humour or out and out, outrageousness. Cheery, anecdotes just enough to raise a chuckle are the best medicine, to flip a mood around. I’ve come to recognise, Myylo as an artist who lives up to the light entertainment brief, claiming a niche in the market with his whimsical ways. What makes his lyrics appear even more cheeky, is because of how innocent-looking his face, is. Taking one look at Myylo, you’d think butter wouldn’t melt. The chances are once you’ve spent thirty seconds in the company of any, one of his tracks, your first impression about him will have been reversed. I have to say it, he’s just too funny. “Kissing on Your Dad” written with Christian Fiore and Jonathan Bach is his most jovial look at life to date. Quirky, fun, bordering on saucy. Myylo has done that with “Kissing on Your Dad.”

The Patrick Naughter animated music video, helps to boost the hilare factor.

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Twitter: @myylomusic

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