Allow me to preface this review by saying I am as surprised as anyone I am writing about the Editors. Over the years, have not been the biggest fan of their music by any means. Moreover, I am aware that they are prone to dabbling in synths at times. My hesitancy about them all comes down to the indie-rock inclinations of the band. They have this week released their third single from their upcoming seventh album, “EBM,” entitled “Kiss“. To my delight, the song has more synths than guitars.

Over the weekend, I was checking through the slew of mail that arrived on Friday. (As is per usual with me). However, in going through my mail, no-one mentioned to me the Editors had released a new track. I somehow managed to find myself tuned into the video by myself. Consequently I became drawn in with the scintillating new-wave, electronic song. Musically, in this song. Editors appear inspired by the likes of alternative and new-wave stalwarts, Duran Duran, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Depeche Mode.

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The band, however, do not appear in the music video. The starring roles are, instead, taken up by dancers Harry Ondrak-Wright and Rory Macleod.

The band’s guitarist Justin Lockey explained the concept the group pursued in the visual in a statement. Saying,

“It was more about using the title to spark a theme to work on, using movement as the core medium. The idea I landed on would be to show the story of two souls constantly attracting and repelling each other, never quite fully coming together… until ultimately they succumb to being intertwined together for better or for worse.”

I do not mind watching Harry and Rory perform a dance routine for a full seven minutes fifty-four seconds duration of the song. On this occasion, given the length of the song, I’m glad Editors were able to release it as a single at all. Darkwave electronic pop in this style is a rare find these days. As I breathe in every drop of “Kiss“, my soul feels as if it is inhaling a waft of my favourite perfume. When really, the song is formed far more of an intoxicating and potent elixir.

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