The Pierces 1

On all levels of great synth infused pop I am quite taken in by the subtly majestic folk-tronic perfection of “Kings” the first reveal track from the stateside residing sibling duo of The Pierces’s incoming new album “Creation

There’s an instant exchange of Fleetwood Mac about this most noticeably through it’s chugging syncopated backbeat, but don’t expect a full on referencing of “Little Lies” or “Everywhere” as “Kings” only touches upon it.

These harmonies are simply delicious, and when combined with the overall rousingly chipper emotion of the track even more so.

An audio and visual gem to behold, as we get to see the sisters through what is best described as the hues of new age psychedelia, quite bewitching in result.

In pre-curser to the forthcoming releases of the “Believe In Me” EP and album “Creation” acting as the first track reveal “Kings” is instantly available when pre-ordering the album.