Man Meadow

It’s been a while now since Man Meadow greeted us with one of their euro boppy pop tunes but now Fredrik and Niklas are back with their shirts un-buttoned and their piercing blue Swedish eyes boring into our gaze. Well if they will give us a floor show of them smuggling budgies and a full showing of their chesticles they do invite us do they not to have a good darn checking out, as they check us out, checking them out!

Kill The Dance Floor” is a late spin of fun in the sun through a hot Ibiza rhythm and yes Fredik and Niklas do end up jigging around on the Dance Floor, but to be honest I kept finding myself rewinding this video back to the opening section for some reason – and as the track is infectiously repetitive it really doesn’t matter so much that I did so, as I’ve lost nothing of the song but gained more views of their toned man frames.