Have you noticed “Dance Monkey” by Australian newcomer Tones and I (which I wrote about recently) has been steadily creeping up the UK official single charts? This week the track hit a new peak inside the hallowed top ten, positioned at #7. It is important to remember that the Tones and I smash-hit is only one impression from the Melbourne native. She also has a very good, EP out, in “The Kids Are Coming.” The title track of which is now having its spell under the spotlight and is supported by a new Alan Del Rio Ortiz directed music video.

So, “Dance Monkey” was written about the experiences Toni Watson (aka Tones and I,) encountered while busking. The track conveys her feelings about the sense of expectancy she felt from onlookers as she performed live on the streets of Byron Bay. Aside from this, it is also an insanely catchy track that within a few seconds, the melody inextricably tends to burrow its way into our heads. The track also gave a glimpse at her strong, sense of song-crafting. From the EP, the track “The Kids Are Coming” is where the singer has her say about how millenials like herself, are speaking out and taking action on, world and environmental issues, such as climate change, #MeToo, gun laws etc.

Like its predecessor “The Kids Are Coming” the latest track is impactful but in a completely different way. I pick up on urgency evident in the drummed beats and thrumming bassline which pulse throughout the track. When backed up with the music video, we see, that the forceful, beats are representative of the thunderous patter made by marching feet. Tones and I assembled an army of likeminded, young, activists they take to the streets, in the form of protest. It is a powerful song with an equally powerful video. Tones and I, intelligent pop is a welcome break from the norm. When listening to the tracks, you will hear ludicrous levels, of catchiness. I realised immediately, the music is very different and quite special. It’s thrilling, stuff.

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