Style Of Eye 1

The latest in a long line of tracks to breeze into us in the UK from Sweden, comes from the celebrated electro, techno house DJ/producer Style Of Eye, credited for ripping up the rule within his productions and most famously part responsible for Icona Pop’s world wide smash “I Love it”.

Checking in on vocal duties on their collaborative effort of “Kids” is fellow Swedish lovely Soso (Sophia Somajo) a singer that has graced the Swedish music scene for the past number of years, creating, collaborating ( Soso co-wrote Robyn’sTime Machine”) and evolving Swedishly through this time.

In coming together with Style Of Eye, Soso has also put on her Directors hat and overseen the creative aspects ongoing within the video which mainly consist of photo-negative imagery, elaborate fonts inter-cut with vocal performance shots from Soso. There is also a herd of psychedelic horses that dart through it and Soso’s thrown in a clip of some oiled up abs for good measure.

Set to a trancey house beat, Style Of Eye and Soso attempt to figure out what makes the cool social media aware “Kids” of today tick.