Temara Melek 3

L.A. teen sensation Temara Melek whose slated to be the new Demi Lovato / Taylor Swift passed by us recently with her latest bubbly pop directive “Karma’s Not Pretty”. The trailblazing track with an infectiously buzzy pop / rock impact is now furnished with an accompanying video which see’s cameo’s from Keegan Allen and Gregg Sulkin from the cast of American teen drama series “Pretty Little Liars”.

As we are reminded, the pop ditty has retained its pop peachiness right through to it’s nearing release date, there is just the right weight of quirky about it that would lend well as a soundtrack to a T.V. advertisement campaign I feel.

In it’s own promotional clip though, Temara has the writing on the wallfor her wayward love interests. Karma may not be pretty for these boys who’ve wronged pop super cutie Temara, but at least the lettering that is daubed over the walls is looking pretty in pink.