We’ve been with Puzzle every step of the way on his journey from obscurity to gaining noticeability by way of a string of polished and impeccably executed compositions that have demonstrated a high level of artistic integrity at play.

Most recently Puzzle unleashed his debut EP “Babylon” which has seen the artist on-the-rise cement a favourably strong position among the emerging electronic pop scene. It’s down to Puzzle’s meticulous attention to every detail that goes into producing these high end packages of artistic excellence, all the way from the songs through to the visual art that acts as support. The “Babylon” EP being a culmination of Puzzle’s captivating and provocatively stylish brand of contemporary electronica.

You can’t help but become intoxicated with the soundscapes which Puzzle shapes together, because even from the beginning with “Godlike” it was wholly apparent that we had an electronic emerging artist in our sights that had a keen sense of vision and direction in all areas. This is no better brought to light than the “Babylon” EP which mirrors every detail going into it as such.

From the sheer epicness of “Little Black Book” we move on to “Kamikaze” and it’s tightening grip of darkness with a twist of danger present. It’s another of Puzzle’s investigations into human interaction in the digital age, offering up a little insight on complex matters of social interplay. As ever the visuals are an eye popping treat of striking accomplishment, represented by a combination of digital art elements and Puzzle’s expressive form of performance.

If you ever get an opportunity to see Puzzle live, make sure to do so. Infact, make it top priority, because it’s only a matter of time before the secret is out on his amazing brand of visually rich, immersive electronica.