Fresh from riding on the crest of mainstream success with her vocal assist on Major Lazer’s “Lean On”, Danish electro-pop artiste , puts in another eclectically self-assured performance on “Kamikaze”, which in turn acts in introduction to her upcoming sophomore LP.

To be fair the pop world is so much more aware of now, owing to the massive generation of interest heaped on “Lean On”, that should readily be guaranteed a taste of success of her own.

New single “Kamikaze” could just be the one to see that it happens.

Playing heavily to MØ’s character trait of alternative leaning pop, “Kamikaze” delivers on all fronts of pop credibility and artistic flair. It also boasts an insatiable frenetic energy which is conveyed upon in the hedonistic visual seeing the singer bust her uniquely body contorting shapes as a form of pleasure seeking pursuit.

All set amongst a traversing backdrop of party action as the singer seemingly runs amock on the streets of Kiev where the video was shot.

is clearly a gurl who just goes with the flow or where the rhythm takes her. Me, I love her spontaneity, it is exhilaratingly infectious.