It’s been a while since we last heard from R&B/pop artist Wilson Knight. Since debuting his impressive lead single “Stable Ground”, along with follow-up effort “Fernando”, the singer/songwriter pretty much laid low. Today, he premieres the love story-inspired music video in support of “Just Missed The Train“, his third official release.

Instead of an infectious dance track or a hard-hitting hip-hop experiment, Knight ventures into the ballad territory, just like his idol Mariah Carey, with his new single. Singing of a missed opportunity, the talented artist gives a strong vocal performance as he recalls his fears from his last relationship. It’s a touching piece of vulnerability and personal sentiment.

Just want to hear you’re well, and I suppose if all else fails, you should know I’m sorry,” Knight confesses on the new track. There is no loud and annoying beat, no overdone message of “haters gonna hate”, just a real and raw expression of love turned heartache.

For the accompanying visual, the artist is serving 90s teen drama realness, which pairs well with the overall sound of “Just Missed The Train“. Featuring adorable, intimate moments with his on-screen lover, beautiful NYC backdrops and art pieces by Knight himself, the artist shares a softer side to his usually sassy personality. All in all, it is a sweet, simple and sharp music video.

Just Missed The Train” is now available for free download through Bandcamp. The ballad is definitely worth a listen.