We (at EQ Music Blog – Raj and I) have been saying for years that Max Barskih is the best music artist, if not THE hottest we know about from The Ukraine. Even though he mainly sings in Russian and very rarely sings in English. We stamped our EQ mark of approval on him years ago.

The thing is, we have always thought the rest of Europe needed to catch onto Max in the same way as what happened with Sergey Lazarev. We have waited nearly a decade since first becoming aware of him, nonetheless, we are excited by the news Max has plans to launch his career internationally. (But begs the question we will see him at Eurovision?). The dreamiest outcome is, of course, we a guaranteed more singles will be sung in English. In what is the start of a new era, he just released the track “Just Fly” and a supporting video.

Stylewise, the track is a gigantic departure for Max. In that, it is not of the electro-pop stylings we usually recognise him for. But of a whole new pop sound, instead. Whereas, normally I wouldn’t give a doo wop song the time of day. Knowing Max made this song, purely because of wanting to cheer up the world, makes it that much OK and cooler, to me.

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Just Fly” is a summery song about being open to experiencing new possibilities. A positive mantra that the singer is taking on board himself as he embarks on his next career goal of becoming internationally renowned.

If like us, you know his older stuff. You’ll appreciate that with the newer stuff he is showing us how versatile an artist he is. While also allowing us to see a super fun side that we haven’t seen before. It is a bold move. The track is already being picked up in Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland. At the moment the UK seems to be blissfully unaware. I think we should watch this space, though. I have faith Max Barskih is going to hit the Uk like a bolt out of the blue as we (EQ Music Blog) have always hoped he would.

Just Fly” is a satisfying start, although my gut feeling is maybe he will impact more here on the next single. If it means he might finally be popping over to the UK on a visit, for a concert even… consider us all swoony and passed out, just thinking about it.

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