You have probably either already seen or heard “Juice” by Lizzo on other music sites. I also suspect there’s a notable proportion of people who would have been making the most of their last few days of the festive holiday. Away from their usual routines. Either, gone to the cinema, hunting for bargains in the January sales or relaxing at home munching their way through a mountain of candies and far too many sugary treats. And thus aren’t so fully up-to-speed with all the new music happenings of recent days.

Well if you haven’t yet guessed, the incomparable Lizzo released the track “Juice” this last New Music Friday. It’s got lots of people talking about her who haven’t written about her before (like us) because it’s by far her most mainstream leaning effort to date. A glistening disco funkster of a track. Which sends out a whammy load of positive social messages. When I first watched the video, I was sitting in my comfy chair, and I yelled at the screen in front of me ‘you queen – you sure made 2019 get off to a kick-ass start.’ To be fair she also ended 2018 impressively as summer hit “Boys” was the song which kept on giving the grooves. Big, massive and roaring with hip-hop flavours.

In the song, girl delivers the lyrics “no I’m not a snack at all, look, baby, I’m the whole damn meal.” Everything about the sentence is right and correct and definitely, needs to end up accessorised as this year’s, most wanted T-shirt slogan for us ladies. Her self-confidence is unreal throughout the track through to the video and I L-O-V-E, love it. The song is slick, addictive and empowering. The visual, channels full-on 80s retro vibes. The most perfect thing after the credits stopped rolling at the end of the clip would be if The Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” popped up. “Juice” is destined to be blasted from club-to-club and will no doubt become a staple in many DJ’s playlists. An anthem which defines love and respect meant to inspire, strong-minded womankind across the globe.

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