Pop duo Dusky Grey have already proved they are no one trick ponies when it comes to producing addictively, catchy songs. The two single releases of last year “Call Me Over” and “Told Me” stood out in a good, way bringing to our attention the Welsh lovelies natural ability for fashioning gently uplifting melodies combined with the sweetest of vocal harmonies. The energy, they bring to the music is just, consistently amazing and the songs are incredibly listenable. It seems as Catrin and Gethin of the band have hit on the right formula at their first attempts, so they are going in for more as they release “Joy Ride” their third single.

What I really, love about these two is that they seem as though they would be pretty fun to be around. As not only does this emanate from their richly melodic songs but also came through in the super-cute “Introduction to Dusky Grey” video which the duo shared with us last year. I’m, loving, that even more, of Catty and Gethin’s playfulness, has spilt over into the new song. It’s only not heard, in the jaunty song itself but in the music video, the girl/boy duo’s fun-loving spirit is visible, for all to see.

The video has Dusky Grey peering out of the warehouse window looking in a rather, reflective mood, and singing a song about peer pressure among young people growing up. “We thought it was important to relay the message of just doing what you want to do, and not letting anyone force or encourage you to do anything you’re not into” explains Catrin.

Things in the music video get a bit amusing when a bunch of the duo’s friends turn up. Remember the iconic race scene between Kenickie and Danny in the movie “Grease“, imagine if they had swapped cars and raced in customised shopping trolleys instead. Better still, watch the visual for “Joy Ride” and witness it happen for real, before your very eyes.

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