Berlin Berlin 1

Manchester’s celebrated and legendary electro pop scene breaks through with another new and noteworthy band to say hello too.

A three-piece called Berlin Berlin offer an epically propelling, stadium filled blend of gothic pop noir character, straddled with nu-wave influenced synths on debut single “Josef”.

Sprawling and euphoric in mindset “Josef” encapsulates an experimental mix, that back in the 80’s would have been twinned in reference to both The Cult and New Order, but in the here and now it’s more than likely going to be met with a few associations of influence to Hurts coming through, but more so for being that they both hail from the synth mecca of Manchester, one would assume.

The more “Josef” kicks in, the more soaring in atmospheric pop sound it becomes, all rather boldly just like the message in the video which is to never give up, embrace, be true to yourself and be who you are!