It is the dream for Toronto unsigned pop artist DCF (David Charles Fischer) to give up the day job and to fully concentrate on a pop career. A scenario that many hanker for also, although upon checking out the track “John Cusack” that was sent over to me, I was a touch surprised to learn that he was unsigned being that the whole production throughout on the piece is most certainly of a very good radio play standard.

Essentially DCF’s ode to actor “John Cusack” plays out as an addictively impressionable shout out to all the great films that the actor has made, through a wonky pop delivered outlook of irresistibly quirky contemporary beats in compliment to DCF’s fluidly hip-pop turned vocals.

It sounds so good and it’s just the type of song that is seemingly and effortlessly brimming fully loaded with a colossal amount of likeability factor.

Not only is DCF a musical talent that is considerably worth some investment in, his artistic strengths reach further. Since he also produced and directed this video with Nicole Powell of Dollface Films in Toronto.

DCF sings: “Look out your window, I’ve been here for 12 weeks writing you songs, hoping you’d notice me

Consider yourself noticed DCF, and since he’s currently reading his debut album for release I have the suspicion that this is probably not the only time I’ll be bowled over by his relatable pop talent.