Up and coming pop newcomer Moxiie, who has already piqued our interest with her authentic take on alternative pop, returns to our attention as she indulges in her outwardly all encompassed creative direction through an arty animated aesthetic visual treatment in representation of her latest electro illuminated heartbreak pop single “Jilted”.

Jilted’s” dark pop theme is seen through a canvas of reality Moxiie actually evolving into the fabric of the visuals graphically animated etchings, which are seen to be sketching themselves out before our very eyes, seemingly using what appears to be the same technique most famously used in A-Ha’s iconic “Take On Me” video.

To add a further dark dimension upon it, there’s captures of skulls and thorny spiky objects entwined within the animations that jump out in additional portrayal to “Jilted’s” foreboding essence lyrically conveyed of a decaying relationship.

A full artistic presentation complete on “Jilted”, adds further weight in realising Moxiie’s proficiently maverick embracing innovation in her musical foresight and ultimate realisation of these ideas to see her go the distance in breaking out with an excitingly individualistic slanted pop future ahead of her.