For a good year I found myself lost within the internet, after I heard a demo version of  Beatrice Eli’s track “The Conqueror” peak up online somewhere and promptly forgot to bookmark it. All I ever remembered was, it was something sounding quite special and it was by somebody called Beatrice. However, all came to light when one of my contacts came through to ask for my feedback on some tracks by new artist called Beatrice Eli.

To her credit, the Swede has played the enigmatic card, she’s young, and she has a fresh approach mostly to what is conceived as standard bubbly Swedish pop fair. She’s tipped up the edge to bring through the now current alternative pop element of dub, that works well set against her melancholy vocals. She is a young experimentalist, who clearly has vision and instinctively knows what works best for her and that in itself is an admirable quality in anyone but especially a young artist starting out.

In follow up to the compelling and potent single “The Conqueror”, Beatrice returns with a debut EP  which includes; “Definite Mistake”, “Violent Silence” additionally inclusive also to the previous release of the “The Conqueror”, to mesmerize and further take us into the realms of her alchemy pop visions of intense and insightfully constructed compositions, leading with title track “It’s Over”.

Launching as a snappy, angsty, dynamic blast of darkened abstract alt-pop “It’s Over” further cements Beatrice Eli’s place at the cutting edge of Swedish experimental pop vision.

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