I think by how much I’ve written and raved about her, EQ readers will have by now cottoned on that my favourite Norwegian singer is Dagny. She has a sweet yet personable way about her that I readily adore, lovely, traits which come through in the music as well as her music videos. Current release “It’s Only A Heartbreak” heads-up the B-side of the singer’s upcoming debut album “Strangers / Lovers” (arriving 2nd October.) The chirpy track continues to live up to Dagny’s signature pop directive. Of bright, playful melody, withstanding the bewildering switch in emotions, occurring when love breaks down.

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The video which supports the track is now out. It’s great. Provides the kind of lift in mood, we need after being told that in the wake of the pandemic we’ve got to cut back on our socialising once more. Which if you think about, could be regarded as a different kind of heartbreak in itself. Dagny’s video clip, however, directed by Bjørg & Doris is adorable quirky and inventively choreographed. It shows the singer getting caught up in a moment of vulnerability. Poised to make contact with an ex, even though realising it would be wiser that, she shouldn’t go there.

Often we are advised not to make a song and dance about things. Well, I guess Dagny went ahead, did just that, and created a buzzy pop song and an endearingly charming, video. Wouldn’t you agree?

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