If it’s kookie and quirky your after, Brooklyn’s indie pop duo Matt And Kim should be your first call for whimsical all round entertainment.  Aside from their proficient knack of nailing down a zippy indie pop tune, you just cannot fault their sheer regard for stuffing their videos with real characterisation; such is much the case with these two outlandishly wacky individuals who on the whole string out a provocatively wry look at life.

God love em! Matt And Kim let us in on a few of their bedroom secrets, as they take us straight to their boudoir for an Olympic workout of an enviable level of gymnastic dexterity that some of us can only vaguely recall ourselves were once capable of, in such athletic measures.

Why are they treating us to this saucy video?  Well it’s all to coincide with the fact that they are currently on tour with Passion Pit and Icona Pop and it’s totes one of their favourite tracks from their latest album “Lightning”.

Oh yeah, when you’ve finished up watching this you’ll be bouncing off hard on kookie indie coolnesss and brandishing Matt And Kim’s  “It’s Alright” video as simply effective as OK Go’s legendary “Here We Go Again” clip.