If you haven’t already heard of him as of yet prepare to have your head turned by American music producer and DJ Borgeous.

The rising star known for his full-throttle provocatively textured sound has been spinning out his wares for the best part of a year, in-turn they are fast becoming very celebrated within the realms of electronic dance music making the Borgeous one a new leading light within the genre.

Incidentally, Borgeous already has a UK hit under his belt in collaboration with Tinie Tempah and DVBBS on “Tsunami” so he’s following it up over here with another of his well received US releases the palms to the sky dance anthem “Invincible”, which coincidentally is assisted by the vocals of singer / songwriter Julia Michaels, the same who is currently fronting the new Cash Cash slayer “Surrender”.

Even if summer is almost at a close, dancing is a year round pursuit is it not? Therefore, we still need these kind of tracks to keep our feet happy and our hearts pumping healthily.

Besides, we just love it when these kind of dance orientated tunes are fitted up to these kind of visuals. You know what we are talking about, the ones basically of ladies up to no good.