Kylie 2

Here is the video that accompanies pop Princess Kylie Minogue’s radiant new single “Into The Blue”.

With a return to the classic sound of Kylie we had been pining for, (although, we feel sure she’ll have some tricks up her sleeve to share with us when new studio album “Kiss Me Once” drops in a few weeks from now) and looking as hella hot as ever! Kylie smoulders her way through the flim clip of “Into The Blue” by romancing French actor Clement Sibony as her love interest.

Oh man the world of Kylie throws you some though working engagements doesn’t it? Of course we jest! it’s only because we’re a touch miffed that as seen through this video Kylie can not only work it, but also manages to go out on the town of a night, practically wearing nothing but skyscraper heels, and a lacey frou frou whilst not getting a ladder in her stockings! I mean how does she pulls this off, when us mere mortal pop tarts, snag a nail on our sheers with just the thought of shimming into some leg lingerie.

Radiant but a little safe in sound maybe and played safe with the video perhaps, safe to reaffirm though that we still continue to adore Kylie!