Whenever I get wind that Kate Havnevik is releasing new music, immediate excitement ensues. The Norwegian artist/composer is well known for her collaborations with record producer and songwriter Guy Sigsworth (Bjรถrk, Madonna, Britney, Imogen Heap, AURORA). When these artists team up, the results are always striking and promote a distinctive, one-of-a-kind originality. The artistry Kate is most interested in is pushing the creative frontiers. Her focus is on experimenting, creative expression and arts in all of its glorious mediums. Her music is of the kind you not only listen to but, more to the point, become come involved with. There is always an overwhelming feeling of wanting to immerse yourself into a Kate Havnevik, Guy Sigsworth creation because the soundscapes are inviting and intoxicating.

Kate’s next studio album will be out this Autumn, and she is already hard at work sharing glimpses of the forthcoming body of work. Following the April release of the track “Starlight Fires“, the second glimpse, “Into Dark“, is by its own admission darker, erring towards the eclectic side of the musical spectrum. Enveloping, atmospherically leaning sounds and warped synths bring on a sense of escapism. Perfectly aligns with the themes of the song, about people re-inventing themselves and wanting to escape. In other words, everyone’s lockdown thoughts.

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Keeping very much in touch with the escapist theme. The Gotti Sigurdarson directed music video is no less artful. Weirdly wonderful while being a mesmerising explosion of colour. It is the kind of digital art that lights up our imagination encouraging us to draw our own interpretations. When watching the clip, my mind feels like it is spontaneously going into free-fall. I am seeing bursts of colour everywhere. I instinctively want to run to the bathroom, turn the bath tap on, drop an aroma-therapeutic bath bomb into the hot soak. And feel my mood ascend amid the perfume and bubbles. I guess you could say that my experience with “Into Dark” arouses my senses. The beauty of this piece of music is it will evoke something different for everyone. And that really is what creating art is all about. “Into Dark” is art. Kate Havnevik stepped up yet again.

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