Electrovamp cuties Tammy and Kally have just pout out the video to their dance pop dizzying latest release “Instinctual”.

If you we’re thinking a-ha typo, the above use of pout was very much intended to coincide and raise notice to the girl duo’s technicoloured choice of lipstick application that features heavily in the candy coloured visual .

In keeping with a song that is everything about hearing a song in which you automatically feel compelled to bust out some ad-hoc happy dance moves too. The Electrovamp ladies shake, shimmy and whip hair to the electro pop kinetically driven undercurrent with aplomb. Not so much in a tutorial fashion, more of a shapeshift and go with it kind of mini dance-off.

Added for good measure in the visual there’s also a body popping Zebra and a leap of Leopards showing out their dance moves although, neither are cause for animal welfare concern being of the face painted kind. Happen the animal antics are a knowing nod to animal instincts and build upon the fact that “Instinctual” is a beast of a dynamic dance pop track.

Every which way you look upon it both musically and visually “Instinctual” is certainly bursting a groove.