Whilst many of us here in the UK have been practically wilting under the humidity that the blast of summer has brought over to us during the past few days, we can only look on at Swedish pop artist Marlene and wonder how it is that she appears cool as a popsicle as she wanders through the tropical hothouse location for the video to recent release “Indian Summer”, as crikey there’s not a bead of sweat to be seen on her!

So the video budget might not have sent Marlene directly out to the real deal tropics on location but she appears cheerful enough to be amongst the flora and fauna contained within this glasshouse, since she does at times, (OK when the chorus starts up!) busts out the jiggy moves of the happy dance.

The visuals are coherent of going with the theme of the song, which remains on the flow of an idyllic nirvana like state, all sun kissed and radiantly giving of a chilled late summers evening, only in delivered in the form of a resplendent sultry sounding indie-pop anthem.